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About Us

Michigan Legislative Consultants delivers the knowledge, influence and distinctive expertise to successfully advocate for and achieve your business objectives.

We opened the doors to our Michigan lobbying firm more than 50 years ago with the same staunch commitment to clients that we have today – a commitment that fuels a passion for excellence and a drive to help you succeed.
The relationships we’ve fostered, the team we’ve built and the clients we support are our best assets. Let our team of lobbyists and procurement specialists show you how we can work for you.

We thrive on immersing ourselves in the challenges you face and connecting your needs to the influential decision makers who impact your industry. Anyone can build relationships but the difference is influence, which is why MLC focuses deeply on building meaningful connections with key decision makers. These connections are used to effectively communicate your needs in a way that drives action toward your desired outcome.

We’ve successfully lobbied for thousands of pieces of legislation and helped clients win more than $500 million in business opportunities with the state. These outcomes are drawn from a deep collaboration with our clients because, at Michigan Legislative Consultants, we fully believe that success begins with you.




110 W. Michigan Avenue, Suite 500, Lansing, MI 48933

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Updates from our member firms including state and local government news, client achievements, policy and issue updates, and regulatory and legislative reports.