Our Services

Lobbying State & Local Government

When you choose an NASL member, you select a lobbying firm trusted by lawmakers. We are experts at finding ways to achieve clients’ desired outcomes. Whether proposing, supporting, or opposing legislation, we know how to develop a winning strategy. From drafting and reviewing bills to shepherding them through the legislative process, we coordinate communications with lawmakers, agency leaders, governors’ offices, and key stakeholders to ensure all bases are covered.

Monitoring & Bill Tracking

Each NASL member has a system and internal processes to monitor filings and legislation of interest. We provide notifications and assistance to measure the potential impact and develop strategic plans to lobby in support or against bills as needed, keeping clients abreast of amendments and other actions throughout the process.

Project & Issue Management

When a special project or high-priority issue arises, NASL members give clients the attention to detail they deserve. Issue management can include strategic messaging, whether directly to stakeholders or public-facing, and comprehensive media relations management. For special projects, such as procurement or regulatory issues, our members provide the necessary knowledge, clear direction, and support to navigate these processes successfully.

Government Affairs Consulting

NASL members provide consulting services to help clients establish priorities, draft legislation, recruit bill sponsors, and educate lawmakers and other leaders. We also identify allies and opponents, advise on key relationships, and develop strategic plans. When clients are ready to pursue their goals, we offer extensive support to lobby for successful outcomes.

Coalition Building

NASL members are seasoned professionals who understand how to identify potential coalition members to ensure groups are as cohesive and effective as possible. Coalition ‘building’ is only the first step in the process. We leverage the strengths and skills of each member to promote and achieve clients’ goals.

Grass Roots & Networking

NASL members have deep experience communicating with and activating the public to advocate for or against issues of interest with lawmakers. 

We build, organize, and mobilize niche groups of dedicated consumers interested in clients’ causes, groups, or issues. We develop strategic plans that outline goals, messaging, grassroots campaign activities, events, and volunteer and staff tasks. 

Through NASL, our members are acquainted with the best lobbyists in every state and Puerto Rico and can offer suggestions on other firms to retain and coordinate on issues and strategies, as needed.